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Why you should care

Some people say: "what's the difference, I'm just one person!"


With that attitude we are all screwed. Every change you make is a massive difference. If your family and friends see you make positive changes in your lifestyle that effect the environment they will be inspired.

One bamboo toothbrush might seem like nothing but if you want to start to make a change you should begin with the first and last thing you do every day. Brushing your teeth!

Around 4.7 Billion brushes are produced annually. That's 70,500,000kg of plastic. If you need to visualise it it's equivalent to 8,813 yellow school busses. Every. Single. Year. They will never biodegrade. Each toothbrush you have used; actually, each toothbrush that has ever been made will be around for at least 1000 years.

All you have to do is Stop Using Plastic toothbrushes. That's it.

Eco food wraps

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If pandas love it we love it. Don't panic, bamboo has to be one of the most sustainable timbers ever. Some species grows nearly one meter a day. We are proud to use Mao bamboo from the Zhejiang Province for our toothbrush handles.


Excellent!!Great Product , our family loves it!!

Kelly T. Verified Buyer

The toothbrushes are great, delivery was quick and ordering was easy....thanks x

Julia F. Verified Buyer

Loved the brushes! Such a great company

Eva G. Verified Buyer