Every toothbrush needs a home

Over the last few weeks we have been working on building a stand for our toothbrushes. We wanted to solve two problems:

1/ differentiate brushes in families (yes you can also write your names on the toothbrushes ✍️) and 2/ avoid the gunky dampness you get at the bottom of your current brush holders (usually cups 🤢).

Our friends at Chandal introduced us to Rafel Olivia and one sketch:

led to a mockup:

and finally some prototyping!

We used a 100% pure bamboo sheet hand painted by Mr Olivia!

Bamboo is the perfect timber for a bathroom product as it naturally handles moisture and is extremely durable. 

There is a choice of three colours or a natural bamboo finish so it’s perfect to identify your brush if your bathroom is filled with SUP toothbrushes.

We're happy to announce the stands are ready!

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