SUP people? This is how our story began

Welcome to our site, we're thrilled to finally get this project on the road! It all started when I (Adam) stumbled on the zero waste movement back in 2015. People who live their lives with the least amount of negative environmental impact they can.

Like most people who are lucky enough to be able to make this choice, I wanted to start to reduce the amount of plastic I consume. Simple steps at first. Then i saw this in my bathroom and realised this was where i was going to start. 


Plastic toothbrushes


The search for a decent (& affordable) biodegradable toothbrush took a while. After trying a few brands I found a bamboo one I liked but the price was too high and they didn't ship to Spain. It was frustrating that I could buy a plastic toothbrush in 100s of stores near me yet getting a bamboo one was impossible. That's when i decided to source and develop my own. Getting hold of sustainable products should be easy.

If the brushes went down well we could maybe move onto to other products. If no one wanted any then we would just have enough bamboo toothbrushes for me, my partner, my kids and quite possibly their kids as well. I had some samples made but my day job and family commitments made it difficult to focus full force on this project. The days turned into months and eventually 2017 showed up.

The Idea however was never too far away. One day I was talking about it to a friend who owns an all natural hair salon here in Barcelona. She also sells plastic free hair accessories. I gave her a bamboo toothbrush from my sample box. The following day she stopped me to say she loved them and wanted ten more. That's when i decided to make the plunge and have 500 (minimum order quantity) custom made.

Version one was was made in a bit of a rush. I'm no designer and the box around the brush was horrible. But it did the job, namely to be a box, around a toothbrush. My favourite faux pas was i forgot to mention that there is a toothbrush inside the box.



The order arrived in the middle of the school summer holidays. We had no site, no brand image and both my partner and I were quite busy with work and kids off school. All I managed to do was take some product shots before going to London for a couple of weeks.

Hadda (my partner) had to go to Iceland and visit family. A few days before she left she posted the bamboo toothbrushes on facebook to see if anyone wanted to buy some. Her facebook post went crazy especially as it coincided with Plastic-free September in Iceland.



Over 170 comments and 70-plus shares later all the brushes were gone. Hadda needed to check in extra bags and figure out with customs if she could even get the toothbrushes into the country. Once there most of her time was spent distributing, posting and sometimes hand delivering toothbrushes.



By the time she came back to Barcelona the kids were sick of bamboo toothbrushes but we had people waiting for more and some shops asking to stock them. Feedback from the first batch was overwhelmingly positive and we decided to make the leap forward and launch SUP!

New packaging was designed and this time the box clearly stated that there is a toothbrush inside. Smart! We have some interesting products coming up and also added children's toothbrushes to our initial collection. Please check out the store and drop us a line if you have any feedback! We hope you join us on this plastic-reducing journey.

Lot's of Love from us at SUP!